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ADP and TextRecruit Partner to Bring Intelligent Text Messaging to Human Resources

ADP and TextRecruit Partner to Bring Intelligent Text Messaging to Human Resources

HR teams face some of the biggest communication challenges out there. Imagine trying to stay connected with 1,000+ employees, spread out across 3,000+ miles, in 6+ different time zones. Now imagine that your only tools available for staying in touch with your employees are emails and phone calls.

Emails get lost in your employees' inbox and never get responses. Phone calls and voicemails are exceedingly time consuming and completely unmanageable at a larrge scale.

RIP HR Email Blasts: 


That's one of many reasons that TextRecruit and ADP have partnered to bring intelligent text messaging to human resources. TextHR is now featured in the ADP Marketplace, and their integration will help HR teams:

  • Improve employee communication by achieving higher response rates and faster response times than email or phone calls.
  • Help ensure compliance by restricting messaging to employees who have opted-out from receiving text communications.
  • Add a level of artificial intelligence to help manage employee communications if needed.


Yeah, But How Does It Work? 



Get the full scoop on our integration by reading the press release here.


HR Communication Will Never Be The Same:


If you think the ADP + TextHR integration makes sense for your team, then let us know by requesting a demo below. Worst case scenario we show you lots of great tips and tricks for using text message for HR.

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