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9 Questions Candidates Want Answered Over Live Chat

9 Questions Candidates Want Answered Over Live Chat

The job searching process can be scary. Applications are long, and there is a multitude of ambiguities facing candidates before making the decision to pull the trigger and apply. Live chat is known to alleviate this anxiety by providing real conversations to walk candidates through the entire process. It acts as a constant resource to address any concerns candidates may face. These are the 9 most important questions candidates want answered by live chat.


  1. Am I the right fit for this position?

Live chat provides an initial vetting process to assure that potential candidates are a good fit for the job they are applying for. This does not mean rejecting candidates from the start that do not check off all the boxes. Instead, this process involves assessing which piece of the puzzle candidates will fit into perfectly.  Live chat can help guide candidates towards the position that best suits their experience and goals.


  1. What are the exact details of the job?

It can be difficult to pin down the exact nature of a job from just the description. The same title with similar details may be posted by 10 other companies. Live chat allows for elaboration to confirm that your position really is the perfect one for your candidate.


  1. What other career opportunities are available?

Career sites are confusing and it’s easy to get lost. Live chat can act as your internal directory to help job seekers find the perfect position they are looking for. People tend to leave sites quickly if they are not engaged right away. Live chat can better your chances of finding the perfect position from the start.


  1. What is the salary or wage to be expected?

This is a major consideration in whether or not to move forward in pursuing a job. If candidates see an unfavorable salary and have no resource to inquire further, there is a good chance they will move on to the next job. Live chat allows further assessment to give a more accurate estimate of what salary would be fair for your candidate’s experience.


  1. What is the interview process like?

Every company has a unique approach for interviewing candidates. Whatever method they choose is often reflective of their culture and level of investment in new employees. Live chat can provide insight as to what candidates can expect moving forward and whether or not that process is something they would be interested in.


  1. How quickly can I expect to hear back?

This aspect can provide some much needed reassurance to candidates after they apply. When enough time goes by after applying, it is easy to start feeling discouraged about the outcome. Live chat can help prevent many sleepless nights by giving context about how long the process takes to screen candidates.


  1. What is the relocation process like?

There are many factors under consideration when applying for a job in a new location. Will the company pay for relocation? How long will they give to make the transition from one place to another? These are simple questions live chat can answer easily. However, when they go unanswered, there is nothing to prevent candidates from moving on to the next job posting.


  1. Is working remotely either full-time or part-time an option?

Every company has a different view on working from home, and people don’t necessarily want to spend an hour or more every day commuting. Live chat can help provide insight on what can be expected working remotely. This can help draw in people that value time spent at home.


  1. What do I do when I come across roadblocks?

Applications are confusing. This is a simple truth that is more than likely never going away. Even those at ivy league schools get confused by the I-9 portion. Live chat acts as your personal guide to address any confusions or roadblocks that inevitably arise during the process.

These questions go through almost every candidate’s mind during the recruiting process. You have the power to guarantee that these questions get answered timely and accurately. Live chat gives you the ability to optimize your hiring funnel and make sure that your dream team fits together just right. 

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