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5 Directions Recruiting Technology Will Go in the Future

5 Directions Recruiting Technology Will Go in the Future

As a recruiter, you know that your daily tasks look completely different than they did a decade ago. Recruiting technology is constantly changing, but the desired outcome has always remained the same. You want to bring the best people to your company. This goal will never change, but the way we communicate and reach talent will. With that in mind, here are the 5 directions recruiting technology will go in the future.

1. Real-Time Communication


Chatbots and AI are becoming more and more prevalent on company career sites. They allow for 24/7 rapid responding and are exceptional in early-stage communication tasks such as initial screening, interview scheduling, and collecting candidate information. However, there is still room to grow in hyper-personalization and human interaction. There is no doubt that this growth will happen sooner rather than later to make real-time communication an industry standard.

2. Social Media

You know we couldn’t talk about the future of recruiting and not mention social media, right? While this trend may seem obvious, social recruiting software is still the #1 investment recruiting companies are making. And this should come as no surprise, LinkedIn has become a standard for allowing candidates to show off personality and attach a face to a resume. Much of the investing recruiting companies are making in social media involves incorporating AI to scour through the Internet for ideal candidates through their social profiles.

3. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Now we’re getting into the fun stuff. When VR comes to mind for most people, they think of the goofy looking headsets people wear at the Microsoft store at the mall while playing Fruit Ninja. However, companies are finding creative ways to use VR and AR to test candidates in fun ways or show off their company culture. Jaguar did this by using an app to teach software and electronic engineers the various nuances of their cars. Similarly, Deutsche Bahn used VR to literally show job-seekers the daily life and tasks of some of their jobs. This is an exciting tool that most companies still haven’t utilized in the recruiting process yet. Think about being proactive and amplifying your recruitment process.

4. Gamification

Gamification involves the concept of applying game mechanics and game theory to non-game concepts. This has been playing a larger role in recruiting by allowing recruiters to test candidates in more unique and specific ways. Many questions that recruiters ask during an interview result in a rehearsed and pre-planned answer from the candidate. Gamification allows recruiters to assess critical thinking skills and see how a candidate might handle a situation that could arise in the position they are interviewing for.

5. Predictive Recruiting

The amount of data we have at our disposal is incredible. This can play a very significant role in recruiting technology. As a recruiter, you can harness this tool to enhance your talent acquisition and pipeline. All this happens while decreasing time-to-hire as well as cost per placement. Not to mention it can save you hours of digging through the web to find your perfect candidate.


So there you go, the 5 directions recruiting technology is going in the future. The end goal will always be the same: to bring in the best people that will do the best job at building your company. The only thing changing is how we get there. These are all trends you can be proactive about to make your company stand out from the rest. Now get out there and build your dream team!


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