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5 Big Recruiting Myths, Debunked

5 Recruiting Myths, Debunked

Just admit it, you have assumptions and/or reservations regarding the hiring process as a recruiter. This is fair, as I’m sure we all have preconceived notions about the entire process. But don’t fret, I’m about to debunk five big myths regarding the recruiting process, and some may come as a big surprise.

     1. Recruiters utilize the same resources as HR.


Not necessarily. While there may be some overlap depending on how your company tends to operate, these are two distinct roles and they are not one and the same. HR might have to fill a position once every few months, but recruiters are constantly searching for the best candidates to fill a variety of positions all of the time. The constant search for suitable candidates can be a laborious process, and nowadays recruiters can benefit from utilizing text messaging in the application process. Recruiters deserve to have their own tools and strategies at their disposal, allowing them to optimize the search for candidates.


  1.    Recruiters are rude and unresponsive.


Sure, we may come across a rude recruiter every now and again, but maybe it isn’t all their fault. They could have a large number of candidates that they need to keep in contact with, and maybe they don’t have the right tools available to them to be able to provide good communication with all of these individuals. With text message recruiting and live chat, you can easily provide that dialogue from the very beginning of the hiring process. If a candidate has a question while viewing your career page, a live chat window can pop up where they can communicate with a chatbot to answer any questions the candidate may have. Keep in mind, if the candidate is able to engage with the page, this could ultimately reduce your bounce rate as well, which is always a plus!


  1.   Recruiters don’t care about long-term relationships.


Well, if you’re dealing with a good recruiter, this surely isn’t the case. The purpose of using a recruiting platform and bettering your recruiting strategy is to create a long lasting relationship with that candidate. Engagement should not end with the recruiting process. A similar kind of relationship should be maintained throughout the employee’s time at your company, ensuring that they’re as engaged as possible.


  1.   Recruiting software takes care of all the work for you.


Again, this is false! As a recruiter, you don’t want the software doing all of the work for you, or else you’d be out of a job! Luckily, people still value human interaction, and therefore it must remain a part of the recruiting process. Even if you recruit using a software platform with text messaging campaigns, there is still someone behind those campaigns creating the appropriate, personalized messages to send out. Although a lot of your work may be eliminated by utilizing a recruiting software, technology can’t take care of an in-person interview for you. Human interaction is still imperative for understanding one’s fit for the company.


  1.   The entire recruiting process takes several weeks, or even months at least.


This is totally false! If you use the appropriate strategy or solution, you could make contact with a candidate and bring them in for an interview within just 24 hours! Yep, you heard that correctly. With text messaging yielding such high response rates in so little time compared to phone calls and email, the time to complete the recruiting process can be accelerated exponentially. Imagine how much work and time that can save you as a recruiter with a high-volume candidate pool.

Well, there you have it! Five big recruiting myths, debunked. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and there are many more concerns about the hiring process that could be touched on. If you feel that I’ve missed anything, go ahead and add it in the comments! If you’re looking to transform the way you hire, check out our eBook on improving candidate engagement by clicking the button below.

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