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3 Text Recruiting Campaigns to Inspire You and Get You Started With Your Own

3 Text Recruiting Campaigns to Inspire You and Get You Started With Your Own

You can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the elusive, purpotedly mystical powers of text messages. But is this buzzword-laden tactic actually worth your time and energy? According to a study by Bullhorn comprised of recruiters from a variety of industries, 87% said that text messaging enhanced the speed of communication. That's great news for recruiters -- right? 

Not so fast. Even though a majority of recruiters believe that text messaging is a viable tactic, it's still challenging to for recruiting teams to scale text messaging campaigns across entire recruiting organizations. 

So even though the tangible benefits of text messaging -- candidate engagement, driving applications, and creating more authentic relationships -- seem clear cut, there's still a lot  or progress to be made in making this form of communication deployable for agencies and recruiters. 

What is Text Recruiting? 

Let's back up for a minute. What exactly is text recruiting, and how does it differ from recruiting via email and phone calls? 

Text recruiting or text message recruiting is faster and more convenient for candidates than email or phone calls. Text messages, are used to screen candidates, set interview times, and answer questions candidates may have about the position. Messages produce a fast response time and are effective at engaging candidates. As a result, recruiters who use text messages are able to fill positions faster, and can create a better candidate experience. 

There is some overlap between email communications and text message. The effectiveness of both can be measured by open rates, reply rates, and clicks. Furthermore, text messages can also be set up with personalization tokens, share links, and be sent in campaigns to lists of candidates. The major technical difference between the two of course is that text messages are limited to 160 characters. 

Nonetheless, text messaging offers signifcant communication benefits with recruiters achieving 37% response rates in under 15 minutes. 

3 Text Message Recruiting Examples: 

To give you an idea of how brands, both big and small, are leveraging the power of text messages in their recruiting efforts we've put together a list of 3 text message driven campaigns. Check them out below, and decide for yourself: is text message recruiting worth the hype? 

1. Liberty Mutual 

The insurance provider tapped text messaging to source candidates more effectively online. With text messaging, sourcing Manager Kate Rushton was able to cut Liberty Mutual's time to hire by 56%. They also see 20% of their new hires come through their texting programs. 

Liberty Mutual created personalized text messages which added a human touch, differentiating their sourcing campaigns from competitors. "Many large insurance companies leave candidates with a bad taste in their mouth whether they were offered a job or not, we want to be different." 

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2. SSM Health 

As Director of Training at SSM health, Rhoda Banks had tried everything to engage new hires and make onboarding a smoother process. "We were calling, emailing, and leaving voicemails on the weekends," says Rhoda Bhanks, " 10% of SSM's new hires still mixed up their starting location and 15% were delayed because of missing paperwork." 

Christian Ray, System Leader Talent Strategy with SSM, had the idea to start using texts as part of their onboarding process to reduce costs and save time. Christian set up multiple campaigns for each group of new hires, and personalized each text. As a result SSM health projected savings of over $500,000 by reducing staffing and rescheduling costs. 

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3. Randstad Sourceright 

When Honeywell needed to fill a large number of sales positions quickly, they asked Randstad Sourceright's team to create a strategy to find the right talent. "We didn't have enough sourcers to align with each and every position, so we needed to find a way to exceed the performance of past campaigns," explains Courtney Archer, Talent Sourcing Manager at Randstad Sourceright. 

Randstad used TextRecruit's dashboard and analytics to assist in making presentations to clients on the effectiveness of their staffing performance. 

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