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3 Reasons Why Chatbots Are The Future Of Recruiting

3 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Future Of Recruiting

Recruiters are some of the busiest communications professionals. That's why we know you are always on the lookout for the latest in recruiting technology. Here is what's new: the next wave of recruiting technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your communications strategies, and it is coming to market sooner than you think. 


AI for Recruiting: 


If you believe that we are decades away from chatbots and AI playing a significant role in recruiting, it's time to reassess your opinion. Early as 1999 inventor, entrepreneur, author, and futurist Ray Kurzweil asserted that by 2020 computational AI would have outpaced the human brain's computational power.

While AI hasn't progressed quite as fast as Kurzweil predicted, over the last five years the technology matured beyond it's nascent stage and brought chatbots to market.  This recent proliferation of chatbot technology should be considered the first wave of the commercialization & mass adoption of AI technology by communications professionals. 

As the market continues to shift to mobile optimized platforms that favor instant messaging and rapid two-way communication, recruiters will experience diminished returns from traditional forms of outreach. Chatbots will prove to be a powerful tool, enabling candidate communication at scale in the recruiting environment of the future. 

Now Is The Perfect Time To Deploy An AI Chatbot:

As of late, cold emails sent to candidates sourced from job board postings are declining in effectiveness. That's because for the last ten years the attention graph underwent a shift from
desktop to mobile.

Now, new data taken by the Pew Research Center suggests that at least 79% of cell phone
activity consists of messaging applications.

The question this attention shift poses to recruiters is: 

"How will you adjust your recruiting marketing mix to the changing candidate attention graph?" 

Forward thinking recruiting organizations are already moving to deploy chatbot inclusive recruiting strategies. Remember that when the shift to mobile happened, firms who adapted aggressively to the respective changes in tech and market demand found themselves in strong positions to deliver value to their audience.

The recruiting organization that adapts to the instant messaging and chatbot transition will also find itself in a strong position.  

How Does Recruiting AI Work? 

Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, a process that until recently was only talked about by AI developers, is now making big waves in the recruiting industry.

NLP enables computers to understand and process human speech. Currently, voice recognition enabled NLP is beyond reach, but NLP used on written communications offers powerful capabilities.

We're applying the latest NLP principles to develop our chatbot Ari, who will soon be assisting you with early stage recruiting pipeline activities. 


Chatbots Help You Attract, Recruit, & Engage: 

Because NLP technology is still developing, the ability of recruiting chatbot's to assist you is limited in scope to early stage recruiting activities.

Recruiting chatbots are able to automate 2 recruiting functions: answering candidate questions & vetting your initial applicant pool.

Your AI powered recruiting chatbot will be able to professionally field any question your candidates may have about your company culture, benefits, or policies. When you deploy your chatbot to communicate with top of funnel candidates, your chatbot will also intelligently gather information about qualifications, extracurriculars, and certifications. 

Recruiting chatbots will save you time, and let you focus on activities that create bigger business impact. 

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