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3 Best Practices for Using Recruiting Chatbots

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Do you want to learn how to use chatbots and AI to recruit more effectively? You don't need to know how to develop to use them and they certainly aren't complicated as they are often made out to be. Their primary use is automating early stage conversations between job seekers and recruiters. Here are 3 best practices to keep in mind when using recruiting chatbots. 

1. Deploy Chatbots Through Live Chat Windows: 


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Install a live chat communication feature on your job ads and career pages. This will allow job seekers to get questions they have about your role answered in real time by recruiters. When used manually, live chat windows can boost application rates some.

But because recruiters can’t actively begin engagements with every site visitor, live chat windows are even more powerful with AI. You can customize your recruiting AI to ask and answer basic about your company. Deploying AI over live chat increases engagement on your careers page leading to a more healthy hiring pipeline.

2. Deploy Your Chatbot over Text Message: 

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Text messages deliver 37% response rates in 12 minutes or less. There’s no way a recruiter can keep up with real time communication at that high of a volume. Use a chatbot to send updates about open positions to candidates in your ATS via text message. The chatbot will be able to recognize if the candidate is interested, will follow up with screening questions, and can even schedule a time for you to complete a phone screen.

3. Automate Early Stage Screening Questions: 

When you do deploy your AI over live chat use screening questions to eliminate candidates that would not be a good fit for your role. If you’re hiring for a senior engineering position that requires at least 5 years of experience, have your AI confirm how many years a candidate has. If a candidate does not have the requisite experience needed to be successful at your role, the AI can direct your candidate to positions

Recruiting chatbots have many benefits. They’ve been shown to decrease time to hire, improve candidate experience, and lighten recruiter workloads. Deploying a chatbot into your hiring funnel is also easier than ever before. For example, Ari integrates with many of the most popular applicant tracking systems and is managed directly from TextRecruit. 


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