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10 Ways To Adapt Your Recruiting To the Mobile Candidate

10 Ways To Adapt Your Recruiting To The Mobile Candidate
Mobile candidates, chatbots, emails, phone calls, text messages, emojis, and job chats oh my. A whole lot is going on in mobile recruiting lately, and you might be feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of new recruiting strategy and technology.

At TextRecruit we believe there's always an easy way to think about a complex problem-in this case, adapting to the mobile candidate.

There are just 2 things you have to focus on when you think about the mobile candidate:

1. How can I better attract the mobile candidate?
2. How can I better recruit the mobile candidate?

Follow our 10 tips and you'll have adapted your recruiting to the mobile candidate.


How To Attract The Mobile Candidate: 


1. Optimize your application portal design for mobile. Consult a UX designer if you don't have one on your team.

2. Use a mobile friendly form service like Typeform to collect initial candidate information.

3. Make it easy for candidates to create an account on your jobs portal by enabling a LinkedIn or Gmail registration.

4. Make it easy to upload resumes and other documents on mobile devices by designing large buttons and making processes happen behind the interface.

5. Cross post your job openings on several job boards in addition to your recruiting website. To increase your applicant volume, accept applications from inside each board and don't require candidates to make separate accounts on your portal. Remember, you lose applicants with each additional action you make your candidates take.

6. Use a job chat client to answer common questions visitors that come to your applications page may have.

How To Recruit The Mobile Candidate 


7. Use a Recruiting Messaging Mix that works well on mobile candidates. Supplement your email & phone recruiting with text messaging.

8. Ensure your email design works on all mobile application formats. The Gmail app on Android is known to cause issues with email CSS.

9. Keep your messaging concise but friendly. Use emojis if appropriate for your brand.

10. Remove friction from your recruiting process by using the Calendly + TextRecruit hack to make it easy for candidates to book phone screens with you.

That's it guys. Speak with your team and implement the tips I've shared with you over this coming quarter. Adapting to the mobile candidate doesn't have to be hard!


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