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Mobile Devise Usage: Texting is Sleeker than Apps

By Erik November 3, 2015

Why bother using a smart phone app if texting is quicker and better? Developer wisdom seems to tell..

Con-way Truckload Accelerates Hiring with Text Messaging

By Birch Faber November 2, 2015

Transportation and logistics companies are facing one of the largest truck driver shortages ever..

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Retailers Must Increase Engagement to Win Seasonal Hiring Battle

By Birch Faber October 29, 2015

It’s that hiring time of the year again - big retailers like Inc., Macy’s Inc.,..

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Trends from the HR Tech Conference

By Kim Chitwood October 27, 2015

Reflecting on the 2015 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada made us want to revisit two..

Look Who's Texting: SSM Health Care Case Study

By Birch Faber October 16, 2015

The first day is big. Onboarding is every new hire’s first impression of their employer, and the..

Three Reasons "Hire Slow" is Dead

By Birch Faber October 15, 2015

The “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” mantra was all the buzz in the talent sourcing and recruitment..

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Employment Trends That HR Should Take Note Of

By Erik October 13, 2015

Human resources departments count hiring employees among their responsibilities. This is why..

TextRecruit Recognized as Leading Talent Acquisition Technology

By Birch Faber October 7, 2015

TextRecruit is proud to be featured as a leading technology in Talent Tech Lab’s most recent Talent..

Staffing and Recruiting: Pick Up The Phone To Send A Text Message, And Not A Phone Call

By Erik October 6, 2015

Up until recently, when you wanted to send out a mass communication to your job candidates, you..

TextRecruit Recognized as a Top Mobile Enterprise App

By Erik September 23, 2015

TextRecruit has been featured as a top mobile enterprise app for HR and recruiting in Emergence..

Monthly Jobs Report: August, 2015

By Erik September 15, 2015

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Jobs Report for August, 2015, is a mix of positive and..

Mobile Trends Impacting Business Outcomes

By Erik September 8, 2015

Smartphone owners know the feeling of attachment to those phones. Even a day without the phone is..

Employment Trends: Blue Collar Work Is Moving Towards Mobile Recruiting

By Erik September 1, 2015

Office workers or those sometimes referred to as "white-collar" workers view their e-mail accounts..

Retail Recruiting: Texting Is Not Considered Unprofessional

By Erik August 25, 2015

Retail stores constantly require new and talented hires. They typically have high turnover rates..

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